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« For it is I am painting » …
Posted by lulubie June 16, 2010 at 09:48 | In: Critical Corner
It seems there is no morality in Montaigne can prevail over all others, except the famous « what do I know? « Skeptics.

Starting from a sort of I do not know anything about myself and I go in search of what I am writing tests conducted this spirit reflective, introspective and lucid, to observe its contradictions, inconsistencies, his natural often opposed to custom, institution, the manners of his time.

Do not see Montaigne righting a wrong, just an intelligent mind seeking the truth, his natural truth. A mind in perpetual motion.

Great for a modern quest for authenticity, before a time when classical literature will make absolutely jealous jealous or completely greedy misers: kinds of typical characters, no real depth or nuance. Great modern, great clarity of mind that discovers it is neither uniform nor constant and even less reducible.

Questioning of self, writing tests is writing the suspicion guided by a single purpose, Socratic self-knowledge itself.

The observation of men, the multitude of examples that deploys Montaigne, over its pages, often leads to perceiving the world as a mirror of himself. And in doing so, speaking of himself, he speaks and the world about the world he speaks of him as if the truth itself would eventually result in the revelation of a universal truth, a truth that would lead us to with an unshakeable inner belief: « Every man bears the entire form of the human condition.